Who is a Medical Scriber?

A medical scribe is a paraprofessional trained in health information management and is responsible for partnering with a physician to ease the burden of data gathering, EHR documentation, and ensuring documentation compliance. Their mainly assist physicians with administrative tasks by entering essential clinical information of a patient into the Electronic Health Records (EHR) in real-time during medical exams. Physicians across the world are turning to medical scribes to offload their documentation works so they can spend more time on patient care.

Medical scribes work in clinics and hospitals and are part of the doctor’s care team. On behalf of physicians, they do documentation works including coding, recording laboratory and radiology results. They are responsible for managing non-clinical, clerical tasks of transcription and documentation of patients' family and medical histories, treatments, allergies, lab results and any other information dictated to them or relevant to the patient's visit.

Scribe is almost like a doctor’s assistant but working virtually for the doctor and connected via webcam. The work usually would happen at nights when working with US healthcare professionals. Scribes use their medical knowledge, listening comprehension, quick typing speed and creative writing for each patient encounter session. A scribe has to be attentive and often multitask while working with physicians. Medical Scribes get to shadow physicians, experience the healthcare industry first-hand, learn through practice, and make money in the process. As per Glassdoor, the national average salary for Medical Scribe is ₹31,870 per month in India.

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